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GDC Alt Ctrl

Exciting news!

The bots are about to travel to SF! They are very excited for an opportunity to hang out at the GDC and make new friends at Alt Ctrl. Over the last year, we’ve been prototyping and learning from our players what they want in game and for GDC, we hope to have a few new, exciting features to try out.

  • Unity! We’re going to get ourselves out of Max
  • Player challenges. We hope to have a few solid, mini in game exploration missions
  • New sounds for new characters   
  • Improved casing
  • New Design
Blue Bots

We have expanded our team to include new members. We welcome Helen Steer and Emily Roderick onto the project. After this exhibition, our goal is to go to Kickstarter with a brand new version of our game. In many ways, this show represents the end of an era for the bots and the rise of a new plan for creating an iOS connected game. Spoilers!

Game Design by Phoenix Perry and Charlie Ann Page. Sound Engineering by Freida Abtan. Sound Design by Brian Jackson. Bot Development and AI Diplomatic Relations by Charlie Ann Page. Engineering by Phoenix Perry & Helen Steer. Jr Develeoper, Emily Roderick. Graphic Design by Mimi Sotudeh. Magic by Helen Steer.

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