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We Throw Switches

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The little bots ventured up to Scotland for We Throw Switches and had a rather nice time. At this event, we learned stone Scottish floors can hurt bots! Players got a wee bit, dare we say, tipsy and were both delighted and klutzy playing the game. We watches as players formed tight little huddles and tentatively touched each other. This was the first time we saw the bots become tools for flirting. Something else we observed was people trying to find extra creatures, hidden events and other features. This behavior will be supported in future versions of the game.

Game Design by Phoenix Perry and Charlie Ann Page. Sound Engineering by Freida Abtan. Sound Design by Brian Jackson. Bot Development and AI Diplomatic Relations by Charlie Ann Page. Engineering by Phoenix Perry & Helen Steer. Jr Develeoper, Emily Roderick. Graphic Design by Mimi Sotudeh. Magic by Helen Steer.

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