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Indiecade 2017

Indiecade Nightgames!

We are on our way to LA for Indiecade! ( ゚▽゚)/ We are being included in Night Games and Merrill Audio is sponsoring us with high end, ultra portable snazzy speakers designed to cut through the noise of a large crowd.

We are intrigued to see what an American audience does with the game. So far, this game has only been played with people in the UK. Given cultural taboos around touching strangers, there’s always a bit of fear people have when first getting started in the game. We expect Californians to be much more receptive to hugs.

Originally, pre Night Games at Indiecade, Phoenix called a research project into collective music making Night Games and that project was the precursor to this one. We can’t wait to fill the evening with sound for our indie games friends.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Chamberlin. [IndieCade](
Post Mortem

We’re back. Californians’ love holding hands In circles! It’s confirmed. We saw new player behaviors. People tried to make percussive rhythm between each other with tapping patterns. We also were extremely flattered by the number of players who went and got friends to come back and check out the work. This is the first time we’ve had two science teachers hang out near the install and science. People showed curiosity in how the electronics were working and we ended up with an impromptu science lecture right next to us.

A special thank you to Mattie Brice and team for including us. Mattie said we had Physical Computing magic! (。♥‿♥。)

Game Design by Phoenix Perry and Charlie Ann Page. Sound Engineering by Freida Abtan. Sound Design by Brian Jackson. Bot Development and AI Diplomatic Relations by Charlie Ann Page. Engineering by Phoenix Perry & Helen Steer. Jr Develeoper, Emily Roderick. Graphic Design by Mimi Sotudeh. Magic by Helen Steer.

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